Health and Beauty Stuff for Sale in Shippensburg, PA

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Message me for prices, a lot of it is brand new, pickup in waynesboro only.
Message me for prices, I meet in waynesboro only
HARMONY WITH NATURE This symbol is very sacred in all its design and who is depicted as the wearer of such an amulet symbol. This symbol itself encompasses all of the sacred geometric knowledge, concepts and wisdom in and of itself as it is derived from the flower/seed of life as is all sacred geometric symbols and patterns. There for if this symbol is derived from the flower of lifes overlappi...
GOLDEN SPIRAL This Piece of refined Jewelry is a Perfect perfected Golden Mean Spiral. Thought creates all that is. When thought is received by a transceiver such as a human body, sun, planet, plant or whatever it may be that receives it, its movement Is spiral action. More precisely a golden mean spiral action. When a thought is being received it is conglobating/charging into greater and great...
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